CCAI Trip China 2014 Pt. 1
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April 08, 2014
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I had the privilege of interviewing, filming and watching parents see their beautiful Chinese babies for the first time. There were so many emotions as we all prepped for the moment. We had been warned that there would be lots of screaming and tears. This is a good thing because the kids have been well loved and don't want to leave their nannies. It was total chaos but in the midst of it all some of the most precious moments I have seen on this trip happened.  To view the images CLICK HERE


I think it was best explained that although this is the greatest day in the parents life, it is the worst day in the child's. They are leaving their home, their language and faces they know, for a world yet to be revealed.  To view the images CLICK HERE


I can't wait to share the changes the next morning. By breakfast you would have thought these kids were raised by their new parents. They were smiling, waving, laughing and holding on the their Ba Ba and Ma Ma's so tight. I am not sure what part made me cry harder.  To view the images CLICK HERE

Each of these children have special needs. From cleft pallet, heart condition, missing limb or HIV. They were all welcomed into their new families as perfect additions. 

To view all of the images, CLICK HERE

Photos by Nikolai Puc' Photography

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