Meet Our Staff: Deborah Goodiel
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Thursday, August 17, 2017
By Sandy Puc Photography
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We LOVE our staff here at Sandy Puc' Photography, and we wanted to take the next week to showcase the people that make our studio so great. For the next couple of days, we will highlight our staff and give you some fun facts about them so that you can get to know them better too.


Today we are featuring one of our associate photographers: Deborah Goodiel 


5 Things You May Not Know About Deb:

1. Deb has an architecture background, she went to CU Boulder and got her degree in architecture (and it's where she met her husband)


2. Deb loves being in the outdoors: she loves camping and hiking- she loves Devils Head FireTower Hike


3. She has 4 kids, her husband and her dog


4. Deb loves to read, draw and spend time with her family and friends

5 Things We Love About Deb:

1. Deb is very personable, she is great with our clients and really understands what they want, how to get the best smiles and how to make each person feel comfortable 

2.Deb is always prepared- she is ready for action at any time and is always willing to jump in and get things done- whether its imaging, or photographing, Deb is willing to do it all

3. Deb is a great listener and very kind. She always has an open ear and makes you feel like you are a million-bucks! She cares about everyone's well being and is very genuine.

4. Deb is creative, she thinks of new ideas that we apply to our studio- so that we can be the best at what we do, and be different than everyone else

5. Deb always has a smile on her face- there has never been a day when Deb isn't smiling- she comes to work with a positive attitude and brightens the day of everyone she comes in contact with. She is a fantastic photographer, but an even better friend and person. We LOVE Deb!

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